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Comfy Nest CN-04593: Electric Clothes Dryer

Say goodbye to damp clothes on rainy days.
  • 🌧️ No more damp.
  • 🚀 Quick drying.
  • 🏡 Fits any decor.
  • 🔧 Rust-free finish.
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Tired of Waiting for Clothes to Dry? 🌧️

Rainy and cold days can make it hard to get your clothes dry, leaving you with a pile of musty laundry. It's frustrating to rely on the weather or deal with damp clothes all the time. Get rid of this hassle and keep your clothes fresh and dry at all times!

Efficient Drying at Your Fingertips 🚀

The Comfy Nest Fast Dryer ensures your clothes are dry and ready to wear in no time. It's built to handle the tough weather, making it easy for you to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean. With its rust-free, high-quality steel, and heat-resistant coating, it blends perfectly with your home decor while providing top-notch drying efficiency.

Comfy Nest CN-04593: Electric Clothes Dryer features
Comfy Nest CN-04593: Electric Clothes Dryer specifications

Rust-Free and Reliable 🌟

No need to worry about your dryer deteriorating over time. The Comfy Nest Fast Dryer is designed with durability in mind. The heat-resistant powdered coating ensures a rust-free surface, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution to keep your clothes looking great. Enjoy peace of mind with a product that stands the test of time.


  • Efficient Drying: The Comfy Nest CN-04593 Electric Clothes Dryer ensures your clothes dry quickly, providing a convenient solution, especially during rainy or cold seasons. This feature implies that even in adverse weather conditions, you won't have to worry about damp or musty clothes.
  • Fast Heating: With 8 heating tubes, this clothes dryer offers rapid and efficient drying, saving both time and energy. The multiple heating tubes ensure that heat is evenly distributed, allowing for quicker drying times.
  • Dehumidifying and Quiet Running: Alongside drying your clothes, this electric dryer also acts as a dehumidifier, removing moisture from your clothes while operating quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment. This means your clothes not only dry quickly but also remain free of excess moisture, preventing mildew and odors.
  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly: Designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly, this dryer helps you save on energy costs and reduces your carbon footprint. By using less energy, it saves you money on utility bills and helps protect the environment.
  • Waterproof Toggle Switch with Light Indicator: The waterproof toggle switch is equipped with a light indicator, making it easy to use and allowing you to monitor the drying process effortlessly. This feature ensures that the operation of the dryer is safe and user-friendly, with the light indicator providing clear information about its status.
  • Stylish and Rust-resistant Design: Made from high-quality steel with a heat-resistant powdered coating finish, this dryer is not only stylish but also resistant to rust, ensuring durability and blending seamlessly with any decor. This ensures that the dryer not only functions well but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your laundry area.
  • Sturdy and Space-Saving Design: The Comfy Nest CN-04593 Electric Clothes Dryer features a compact and sturdy design, ideal for small spaces. Its foldable frame allows for easy storage when not in use, making it a perfect solution for apartments, dormitories, and small laundry rooms.
  • Non-slip Feet: Designed with non-slip feet, this dryer remains stable and secure on any surface, preventing accidents or mishaps during operation. The non-slip feet ensure that the dryer stays in place, even on smooth surfaces, providing safety and stability.
  • Reliable and Functional: With sturdy and heavy-duty construction, this dryer is reliable, functional, and built to last, offering long-term use and convenience. This feature highlights the durability and reliability of the dryer, ensuring that it provides efficient drying performance for years to come.
  • Space-saving and Easy to Store: The free-standing design and foldable wings make this dryer space-saving and easy to store when not in use, providing practicality and convenience for any household. This feature makes the dryer suitable for smaller living spaces, as it can be folded and stored away when not in use, saving valuable space.
  • Certifications: The Comfy Nest CN-04593 Electric Clothes Dryer is CE, ROHS, EMC, and LVD certified, ensuring that it meets the highest safety and quality standards. These certifications guarantee that the dryer is safe to use and adheres to stringent quality guidelines, giving you peace of mind.


  • Brandname: Comfy Nest
  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Surface Finish: Grey Oxidized
  • Power: 120W
  • Rating: 220-240v, 50Hz
  • Size: 95cm x 50cm x 74cm
  • IP Degree: IPx1
  • Class: 1
  • Cable: 1.4 meters with VDE Plug
  • Drying Time: (Towel: l2 hours),(Shirt:4 hours)
  • Temperature: 45-55c
  • Heating tubes: 8
  • Capacity: 10kgs
  • Certification: CE, ROHS, EMC, LVD
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