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Types Of Home & Living Products

The Living Room

One of the most important rooms in the house is the living room. It is a communal space where people go to unwind and spend time together. It is an area for leisure and relaxation, so it is important to fill the room with useful and versatile pieces that will ensure usability and comfort. Sofas and chairs are often the first priority because people have to sit and rest on something. Smaller residences, such as dormitories, apartments, and condominiums, usually opt for chairs because they efficiently serve the purpose without taking up too much space. Some make use of multi-purpose items such as convertible sofa beds or recliners. Larger homes, especially those with several family members or residents, can benefit more from multi-seater sofas. A living room set would not be complete without the appropriate table. A center table is normally used as a coffee table or a magazine stand, while a side table is used to hold lamps, remote controls, and other items. Next, dealing the entertainment aspect of the room, TV stands are commonplace in living rooms. These are screen mounts that make the TV appear suspended in midair. Some are stand-alone items, while others come with a table and media storage. Considering that the living room is a communal space, it’s safe to assume that there will be a ton of items placed or left in the area. Keep things tidy with the use of appropriate storage solutions. Ottomans are highly popular because double as a seat on top with a hollow storage space underneath. Shelves are also common in the home and can be used to store and organize a wide range of items, from books to DVD to random knick-knacks.

The Bedroom

This is a personal space where you retreat and reside to relax and unwind. When you think of bedroom, comfort is the first aspect that comes to mind. Given the name of the space, the bed is normally the top priority. There are all sorts of mattresses to choose from, varying in design, thickness, firmness, texture, and size. These are made in single, double, Queen, and King sized beds. Most are designed thick and heavy enough to comfortably support the whole body. This type is normally mounted on a bed frame. For these, you would need to look into different styles and materials of headboards and footboards. Others are thin and compact items that can be rolled or foldable so that they can be stowed away as needed. Most bedrooms also require the right storage items to be kept tidy. Wardrobes and cabinets are must-have items to hold all types of clothing items. Rooms that don’t have built-in cabinets make use of freestanding wardrobes. These are assembled items, normally made with fabric walls and lightweight tube frame, which are equipped with rods for hangers and shelves for folded items. Dressers and chests are another options because they are equipped with a diverse layout of drawers to hold several items. Vanities are a special type of dresser used to hold toiletries, beauty products, and grooming items. Most come with a mirror, but those without can have one mounted on it.

The Home Office

In the digital age, it’s easy to get work done from home. Some even work entirely out of the comfort of their personal space. A good home office would not be complete with a proper desk and chair. These two items provide a simple yet dependable area wherein you can comfortably get the job done. Be sure to find the right size to fit your room as well as accommodate your things. At the same time, look for something that will suit the space and your personality without hindering your concentration. Keep the space neat and organized with the use of space savers and storage solutions. Bookworms and avid readers would most likely keep a lot of titles in the home office, so pick out the appropriate shelves for those too.

 The Hallway and Entryway

The hallways or the entryway of a home are often overlooked because they are just passageways to different parts of the room, and not really an area where people stay. However, with the right home pieces, these can be put to good use. It is a good place to put a coat rack, umbrella stand, shoe rack, or hook rack to keep your everyday essentials in plain sight while freeing up space in your living room or bedroom. Some choose to make use of the space as a decorative aspect of the home by placing potted plants in a corner.

The Game Room

One of the reasons why the home is such a great place to be is the presence of entertainment options. Many homes nowadays have a game room for leisure activities. Also known as a man cave or recreational room (“rec room”), space can be filled with fun novelty games and activities such as billiards, foosball, poker, and video games. The room wouldn’t be complete without comfy bean bags, plush couches, and game tables to play on.

The Home Decor

Put the fun in function by decorating the space with the right home décor. These items look great, but most also serve practical purposes. Curtains and blinds are placed over windows to provide some shade for the room. Sheer curtains and window blinds are common in the Philippines because they deliver a degree of shade or diffuse harsh light without completely blocking off fresh air from the outside. Heavy drapes and panels are popularly used in colder climates or air-conditioned homes to provide a level of insulation. Rugs and carpets are also commonplace in homes, and are made in the forms of shag rugs, hand-woven, knotted, braided, runner, mats, and more. Mirrors are household staples which are normally used to check your outfit or reflection. However, these can also be used as décor to give the illusion of an expanded space. Clocks are also important to have in every room of the home. Mount a wall clock in a communal space so everyone can keep track of the time, and place an alarm clock on your bedside so that you always wake up on time.

The Bed & Bath

The bedroom and the bathroom are two of the most “lived-in” areas of the home. They are personal spaces used for various bodily functions, from sleeping to grooming. The bedroom should mostly be filled with things that will make you feel comfortable to ensure a good night’s sleep, such as comfortable pillows, bed linen, and bedspreads. Take into consideration the type of fabric and fill thread count and design of the object. Be sure that you’re comfortable with the material, or you might just do more tossing and turning than sleeping. The bathroom is a functional space filled with beauty and grooming items. Keep things in neat and tidy by making use of the right storage solutions, ranging from medicine cabinets and soap dishes to shower curtains and bath towels.



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